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Health Questionnaires are an important tool in the underwriting process.  Questionnaires are most commonly used to inquire with underwriters for tentative offers, prior to sending in a formal new business application.  To remain credible as an agent, setting fair expectations for an underwriting result will only prove to help with sales retention and maintain the agent as an educator and sound advisor.  With that in mind, some of the most common impairments that agent’s face when speaking to clients are diabetes, coronary artery disease (CAD), high blood pressure (HBP), high cholesterol, and cancer.  Here are some “do’s” that we find to be highly effective in this area:

  1. Let the client know that the health information gathered on the questionnaire will only be shared with the insurance company, and they will remain anonymous. The personal identifying information will be asked for when the formal application comes in.
  2. Share with the client that the offer received using the questionnaire information is a tentative offer. (This tentative offer benefits the client, since the agent is able to show a realistic possible cost in advance).
  3. If the tentative offer (possible price) is accepted by the client, when the formal application is submitted, the carrier will request or order an Attending Physician’s Statement (APS), and the client will need to submit to a paramedical.
  4. Send the completed questionnaire in with the formal application when submitted.
  5. If your client does not report any significant health issues at all, you would bypass the questionnaire method and get right to submitting a formal application.

We await your completed questionnaire! You will have an answer in 2-4 business days – sufficient time to make thorough contacts for your case. Fax: 760-930-9495. You may also e-mail attachments to

Call us with any further questions at 800-338-1892, as it is our goal to help you make that sale and maintain a confident client along the way.

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