For additional information, we have provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

Q. I want to see how the process works before I begin. How can I do that?
A. You can view our Training Video or the User Manual

Q. Do I have to download and maintain software on my computer desktop?
A. No. This program is web-based and when clicking on our dedicated ISN licensing link, your browser will open a new window to enable you to register, or login to use their site. The only information you have to "maintain" is your personal information (date of birth, social secuirty number, address, phone, etc.). Everything else is updated for you automatically by our office, the insurance carriers and NIPR.

Q. Do I have to answer the interview questions again? I've already done that!
A. Yes. BUT, this time it will only take you a few short minutes, and you won't have to go back through the entire interview to make a change or add an additional carrier. In fact, you don't have to select or add ANY carriers - but you will be contacted to get appointed with a carrier if you are not already contracted with that carrier when you submit new business to uour office. The contracting will be more accurate. The insurance carriers recive your encrypted requests electronically, and we monitor the proogress of your request to let you know when it's complete.

Q. I just want to complete paper forms. Can I still do that with SureLC?
A. Yes but we don't recommend it because it's a burden for you and causes delays. Click here to download a pdf of all the questions. You can complete them, sign where indicated, and send it back to us (fax, email or USPS) along with a copy of your E&O and VOIDED check, and we will submit the information for you.

Q. The Carrier I want to appoint with is not part of SureLC? How do I appoint with them.
A. This old process of using carrier forms to get contracted is cumbersome and causes delays, but you can contact our licensing department or call (760)-930-9191 option 3.

Q. What else do I need to do?
A. IMPORTANT - Your are reminded by marketing and other emails that nearly always any insurance sale requires a valid insurance license in the state of application, you must be current on your E&O and AML certificate, state required CE and LTC CE must be current prior to application dates, and nearly ALL carriers require some form of product training using their website(s).

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