A Turn-Key Program For All of our Associates

Imagine this are standing in a room filled with qualified prospects. Every one of them is there to hear you talk about a topic vitally important to their financial future. You are prepared, you know your subject, but more importantly you know the secret of how to connect with each person in the room and why each person will want to have a face-to-face meeting with you. The perfect world you say? At ISN Network this scene is taking place every week at different cities across the country.

ISN Networks contracted associates have been conducting proprietary seminars in cities across the country for the last several years. These seminar producers have many characteristics in common. First, they are committed to providing financial solutions to their clients and seminar attendees in an easy to understand format. They are NOT product pushers; instead they are problem solvers with a vast array of financial products that can help their clients. They are prepared, well trained and focused. And most importantly they have learned the secret of success in seminar selling from the network of experts who work with ISN Network.

The seminar systems available from ISN Network are varied and professional. We provide true mentorship throughout the process and can help you get started successfully in an arena with unlimited potential. Our programs incorporate all the best aspects of professional seminar planning and can be designed for your location and area of expertise. Seminars on Long Term Care, Annuities, Charitable Programs, Estate Planning and Trusts can all be utilized successfully with the right ISN Network training. Our systems all include the best training, including how to fill the room with qualified prospects; what to say once the room is filled; how to turn prospects into face-to-face meetings; and how to create financial solutions from your clients goals and objectives.


At ISN Network the perfect world is just a phone call away. Take the first step in preparing your marketing program for the year 2005. Call Jeff Berson, President at ISN Network and find out how you can be a part of the "ISN Network Seminar Systems" program today!

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