Sales Training

ISN Network’s sales training includes a vast array of marketing and sales segments which compliment the products and carriers we offer.  Expand your life insurance, annuity knowledge and resources, and use our long term care and disability insurance resources to penetrate more advanced market segments such as wealthy retirees, business owners, high net worth wealth transfer clients, business to business partnering, or even expand into the educators and physician’s market places with 403B / 457 plans and other pension solutions. ISN Network is here for you.  Just tell us what your need is, and our team of professionals can help you “Make It Happen.”   For more information, please contact us.

Individual Case Development and Coaching

ISN Network’s sales staff is available for coaching and training on individual cases.  Whether you are an individual working on a first time case, or a veteran trying to close a difficult client with an advanced wealth transfer scenario, we will help coach you in your presentation and recommend the best possible solutions for your client.  Our online Illustration Request Form is a useful tool to identify your client needs so we can better serve you.  We make that process our starting point, but then make sure you offer your clients what you recommend, and what they need.

Small Group Training

ISN hosts a variety of small group trainings to target the specific needs of producer groups – small and large.  If you have a producer group that would like to receive training on life insurance selling / products, cross selling / understanding annuities, periodic life reviews, pension solutions, or other similar topics, then please give us a call.

Strategic Life Income Plan (SLIP) Training

SLIP sales training conducted by phone, web conference, or as a part of small group training.  The purpose is to provide a proven sales presentation designed to locate assets, identify priorities and goals, find opportunityes, then overcome objections to position a producer for a successful sale.  It focuses on selling concepts and solutions, not products and illustrations, and is useful for any type of sale.

Annuity 101 / Life 101 Training

ISN offers small group or individual training for producers who do not understand annuities or life insurance and want to add these resources to expand their business.  Learn more about the latest generation of annuities or life insurance, how they work, and where they offer client solutions your competitors may not even know about.

Lead Generation Training

Small group or individual training for producers who use our Synergy Systems Lead Generation program focuses on more effective prospecting.  ISN’s partners offer an integrated approach to lead generation program:  How to get started, what to do before leads come in, what to do when leads come in,   appointment setting over the phone and overcoming objections, and what to do to make sure you get in front of that prospect when others have failed.  A planned marketing approach and effective client presentation is everything.

National Training

ISN hosts a variety of training nationally, including our Winner's Circle Symposium, custom producer group training programs, and our Annual Sales Conference.  If your producer group would like to increase cross selling of life insurance, annuities, or long-term care; expand into the 403B / 457 market place, expand into the equity management market place partnering with mortgage professionals, or increase their charitable gifting or wealth transfer business, you should call us about attending a training in your area.  In this rapidly changing world of financial services, new programs and sales concepts become available frequently so contact us (link) if you are looking for a new resource or want to stay current on what we offer.

Synergy Systems Marketing and Training

Synergy Systems is a marketing, sales and training platform offered by ISN Network to independent financial and insurance producer partners.  The diagram below provides an overview of the areas we support.  We recommend a planned approach and can assist with helping you identify and find the right resources for your business.  It’s a customized approach, where we align our resources with your needs, in order to provide cost effective solutions to grow your business.



Training Topics:

These are just some examples of the sales and client solutions we provide to producers like you.


Synergy Matrix

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