New Business - we make it simple ....
for you and your clients

ISN and ISN Premier offer "state of the art" new business processing in a paperless environment. Many applications can be submitted online - through our Producer Portal - using carrier e-apps, iGO and other 3rd party tools offered by ISN's New Business department. You can also check on cases 24/7 using our DataView tool, and communicate directly with case managers with updates. Our CRM and agency management systems are "open-architecture" and tagged for each producer; emails, faxes, comments and documents are maintained in a paperless environment that enables access by any ISN team member to help you with questions or process your cases. Paper submissions and other forms needed can also be e-mailed, scanned or faxed to our team for prompt processing.

Now that you've presented an insurance solution to a client, we'll do the rest! Our case managers will follow-up every 3-5 business days (or sooner if we receive a carrier update) to process other forms, get needed medical records, and work with underwriters to get offers and approvals so policy(ies) can be issued and delivered to your clients as soon as possible.

Insurance processing is a challenge, but you can help us simplify the process - here's some important tips:

Proposals - Asking for cheap quotes using preferred risk ratings might help the start, but if your client has typical health issues, standard non-smoker rates are the norm. NOTE - the good news? In most cases, clients that qualify will get a preferred or preferred best offer if they qualify, with savings of 20% or more.

Health Issues - It's common for clients to have health issues like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, build (aka height and weight) or the use of prescription drugs. Those issues often don't affect getting a competitive offer if they're seeing their doctor regularly. No need to get personal - in most cases some quick questions about prescriptions your clients are taking is all we'll need to decide which carriers we'll use.

Paperwork, Process, Expectations - Remember the private-eye show Columbo? Tell your client in advance that - "oh .... by the way" - the insurance company may need other records - and that it takes time for us to work hard for your client and get the best underwriting offer we can.

Contracting, CE & Product Training - You'll need to get contracted with the insurance company so be sure that a.) you're current on state CE (life, annuities, long term care), b.) you've completed AML training using RegEd or LIMRA and c.) you've completed the carriers' product training.

We're here to help! - call our toll-free number (option 2) or email us anytime!

Impaired Risk? - Has your client already been declined? Clients with health issues are usually your best prospects - we may be able to get an offer from another carrier if we have the right information.

Send our Impaired Risk team an email, or review our useful tips in ISN's Impaired Risk web page here.

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