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What can the ISN New Business Department do for me?

Each Case Manager takes a personal interest in seeing your case through from start to finish. We provide 1) regular follow ups on your case every 5 business days 2) provide online access to the detailed status of your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 3) provide easy access for you to communicate with us directly through your case 4) have superior service standards for the industry, and 5) have specific and reliable underwriting and managerial contacts at each carrier to fight for the results you are looking for.

What sets your department apart from other agencies?

Each individual in our new business department thinks outside the box. Each Case Manager is not only dedicated to getting your case across the finish line with the result you want, but sees beyond the paperwork and considers what you do out in the field. If another form is needed for underwriting, for example, we understand the impact that may have with you and your client, and try to find solutions to mitigate that impact. We understand the importance of maintaining client confidence, the importance of your time, and want to make your process as smooth as possible.

If I don’t get the underwriting result I want, what action would you take?

If the result of your underwriting determination is a Table 2 or more, we automatically notify you that you have the option of requesting that we shop the case. This is what we love to do! Help you retain the sale. When you give us the green light to shop the case, three people are positioned to collaborate on what carriers to shop for your specific situation – the Case Manager assigned to your case, the Senior Case Manager, and the VP of Agency Administration. You would be surprised at some of the solutions we provide for you to present to your client. When there is bad news, we want to offset it with good news. Lastly, we pride ourselves most with our ability to maintain the connection between the marketing department and new business when we collaborate on your case. This connection makes our Team most powerful. Your name and your case gets tossed around our office in the best way!

When I write a life case, should I order the exams?

You may order your own exams. Though, here are four compelling reasons why you might want us to do it for you. 1) If your case doesn’t get the underwriting determination you want, we will already have a copy of the exams in house to shop it for you 2) We have a great relationship with our exam vendor, and they are willing to go out of their way to accommodate us for special circumstances 3) One stop shopping. Send your case to us, let the client know they’ll be called by an examiner within 48 hours, and we take it from there. Watch the memos come to your e-mail weekly. 4) Instead of chasing after vendors for paperwork, free yourself and your staff up to market for new business to increase your sales!

I’m not so computer savvy since my strength is selling. Who is going to help me navigate the benefits and resources on your website?

Let’s make a phone appointment! Call us, and we’ll set up a time to show you and your staff our very resourceful site. Just dial until you find someone.

I’m used to selling annuities or P&C, and I’d like to grow my business by selling life insurance. Who can I talk to?

Our Marketing Department can show you the life insurance basics to get you started on selling. And likewise, every individual in our New Business department will be happy to give you the Submitting Life Application Process 101. Just tell us, we set a time to call you, and we’ll deliver.

The life insurance process has a longer time frame for processing than annuities. What can you do to make it easier?

We’d like to help you fill your life insurance business pipeline by helping you set the correct expectations for your client. If the client is informed, they are happy. And if they’re happy… you’re happy! Also, for those few cases when the timeframe for processing is extended beyond what is usual, management aggressively steps in to partner with the Case Manager assigned. A reliable Team doesn’t make promises they can’t deliver. A reliable Team makes a promise to be there for you to fiercely assist when needed.

I used to sell life insurance years ago, and I’m just getting back into it. What has changed?

More diversity in products; products with guarantees that were not available years back, life products with disability and nursing home riders, and underwriting with new considerations, to name a few. With the new and modern health challenges and the new medical technology to address those challenges, underwriting has become more complex. Carriers must consider more in assessing risk. To stay competitive in the industry, carriers have made concessions in handling those new issues; such as Table Shave and underwriting crediting programs. We have the knowledge and are confident we can educate you on the most current process for each carrier, so you may in turn educate your client to put them at ease.


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