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Jeffrey Berson has over 28 years of experience in the evolving insurance industry, encompassing many disciplines in tax advantaged insurance and retirement planning solutions, estate planning, and expert knowledge of all fixed insurance programs in use today.

A graduate of the University of Connecticut, Mr. Berson began his career as a life agent with Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company of Hartford and after 9 years of personal production in the estate planning market, Jeff was ready for a change, and accepted a position with a leading marketing company in San Diego. Mr. Berson rapidly revamped ISN's agent training programs, using a teaching format that increased product knowledge and the use advanced marketing concepts.

Mr. Berson has been President of ISN since 2003 and is one of two successor owners and a principal of the firm. Mr. Berson has been a key developer, educator and promoter of proprietary programs. An accomplished workshop presenter, Jeff has focused his efforts on helping successful, independent agents understand complex tax-advantaged strategies and create more efficient marketing programs. ISN Network has incorporated his concepts and ideas to help our associates increase production in the face of many industry challenges.

Mr. Berson is widely recognized as the innovator of the "IRA Rollunder" program, offers his own proprietary "Question-based Selling" tools and concept sales to improve producer productivity. Mr. Berson's workshops and training sessions have helped educate hundreds of agents in over 40 states.

Jeff's blog has hundreds of followers. Visit his blog today; subscribe and receive weekly updates, and enjoy his meaningful and realistic comments and advice to improve your personal and professional success.

Our Valued Partners say ...

"After a very successful corporate career, I entered the financial services business because it gave me the ability to help others and enjoy personal and professional success. I worked with several marketing firms, but it was only after Jeff and Steve and I discovered our core beliefs were closely aligned that I realized I could get all the marketing, sales and planning support I needed to change, innovate and grow my practice. My agency's future is bright, and we look forward to working with ISN for many years to come."
Harold Goldman - Founder Financial Safety Net
"When I founded Gryphon Financial I had a very simple but comprehensive goal of helping elite advisors get dedicated access to the best marketing, sales, and product support available. To achieve that goal, we have fostered partnerships with the best insurance providers and administrative support to not only offer the best client solution after careful design and case review, but also to provide ISN's business development team, case managers and licensing and admin support to lessen the burden of processing and placing new business. Our partnership with ISN gives us the ability to seamlessly integrate their resources and people into our operations, bringing you the added value you can expect from industry leaders."
Barry Slocum - Founder Gryphon Financial Solutions
"My practice is sophisticated and broad in scope, and includes clients from all walks of life; professionals approaching retirement, retirees, business owners and high net worth clients and athletes. I'm a real client advocate in today's world of - unfortunately - many advisors who don't serve their clients well. My reputation both in LA, and now in many other cities and states, means the problem solving and planning I need to do for clients is often complex and requires access to the best expertise and resources available. ISN provides me the tools to help me serve my clients according to my highest standards, and also has enabled me to grow and expand my practice that now includes a comprehensive financial literacy campaign geared to young and old - all within a context of sports analogies and strategies. If we all knew money like we know sports, our lives and retirements would be so much simpler."
Brian Gilder CFP ChFC CLU Financial Planner, Speaker & Author

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