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Challenges = Opportunities

Today's increasingly complex world presents challenges to you and your clients. Our resources are dedicated to helping you protect your clients from the unexpected, those life events that jeopardize personal and financial security. Managing those risks, along with providing opportunities and planning solutions to help your clients prepare for and enjoy a comfortable retirement, are goals that set you apart from your peers. We understand that - and we're here to help!

  • Excellence - you and your clients deserve and expect best in breed support when exploring new markets, identifying new opportunities with current clients, or increasing sales using our concept based training and real-life problem solving tools.

  • Commitment - our producers are our most valued resource, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to your personal and professional success. Unbiased and independent, we'll dedicate our efforts to help you grow your practice.

  • Expertise - we give you access to timely and relevant case design and product details, premiums and rates, underwriting, and hybrid or annuity solutions to protect against health care costs, and/or grow retirement assets and guarantee income.

  • Service - we've combined years of industry experience from seasoned veterans with the latest technology and tools to help you with client solutions, then we also provide the individual or office resources to let you do what you do best - produce!

Focus on Success

Income Builder Workshops >>
- - 1 1/2 day producer workshops packed with marketing & sales ideas, focused concept selling and the latest industry & and product updates!
Seminar & E-mail Marketing >>
- We have proven seminar marketing programs with low upfront costs - pay only for your appointments, leads or seminar attendees!
Producer Newsletters >>
- Our producer email campaigns with content customized by you - tailor your marketing to generate new prospects, sell more to current clients, or use referrals to grow your client base for less than a dollar a day.
Advanced Markets >>
- Our resources can help you with your business owner and high net worth prospects and clients. We'll also help you with attorneys and CPAs as referrals, or when they get involved in advance insurance planning. Kai-Zen is just one example of how we make even premium finance proposals a very simple and turn-key process.
PAR - Policy Reviews >>
- Just one of ISN's many sales concepts. Life insurance is cheaper, life benefits are guaranteed, old policies lapse due to low interest rates. Reviewing client insurance coverages creates an opportunity for sales.
Trust & Estate Planning >>
- Wills & trusts are essential to fact finding and will - guaranteed - help you learn more about prospects, clients and referrals. Our nationwide network of attorneys are ready to help you start and complete a plan that every family should have in place - with you.
CPA-3™ >>
- Learn how working with CPAs can grow your business and bring new tax based insurance solutions to business owners or high net worth clients. Build your annuity sales with new agent tools and online resources.
Super Agent Tools™ >>
- Build your annuity sales with new agent tools and online resources.

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